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Photography Final: 5 Best Photos






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This image caught my eye when I was scrolling through some cool photography the other day. This appears as if it could be a very long exposure capturing the light the entire way through, however, it is not This is smoke art. This artist used this smoke art and edited it in photoshop. I think this is a very cool way of art and I would like to try it sometime. Another cool factor to this art is that once you have taken the photo, you can then edit it and transform/warp it however you like in photoshop. You can also use a ton of photos and arrange it into one image. This art seems to be very appealing to the public and has become very common. It is amazing that the photographer was able to arrange that image so perfectly. I wonder if he used a series of photos to form the final product, or used a single photo.  This art reminds me of the raw editing we have currently been working on in class, taking three shots in different exposures then forming them into one.


This photo fascinated me when I first saw it. It is very vivid and detailed. The water is stopped in motion and the scene is captured perfectly. It seems as if the photographer used a mid-range to low numbered aperture with a custom set metering. You can identify the low numbered aperture due to the small focus range. The middle of the picture is in focus and it continues near the top and close to the bottom of the picture. I think the photographer used a wide-ranged metering scale in his settings to capture a little bit larger range of detailed focus. I like the composure of this picture. It makes me think of space and an orbit exploding. It also looks like a puddle or droplet of water in a pond or lake and the details of the water moving after the splash. Overall the photographer did a great job capturing the moment in this picture and getting a great composure. I really like this photo and it makes me think of being at my family lake house in the summertime.





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Edited Photoshoot Images

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1701164102-2This photo was taken by Ansel Adams and named Sentinel Rock, Winter Dusk Yosemite. Yosemite National Park is set within California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. This photo was incredibly captured with all the detail in the snow on the trees and the white focus. The sky is very interesting and there is a cool contrast between white and black as well as the clouds in the midst of the air among the mountain tops and summits. I have been to the Colorado mountains on a trip to Red Feather Lakes hiking, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, glacading, repelling, and enjoying ourselves by a fire. We had a blast on that trip and at some points we hiked in snow drifts of up to 10 feet high. This photo reminds me of this trip and brings me back to my high school days. I had a wonderful time there. Ansel Adams is a very interesting photographer and I like his style of shooting landscapes. I too enjoy taking photos of landscapes. Adams uses a large numbered aperture in this photo enabling him to capture a large range of focus.


This was a very cool picture that I found taken by Ansel Adams. He named this photo, Sundown, The Pacific. I found it very interesting and I found that I began thinking more and more when looking at this picture. The sunset is incredible and how it peaks behind the clouds and shines through, this is what I found very cool about this photo. Also, the reflection of the sun in the water and its rippling waves. I like that Ansel Adams chose to take this in black and white. This setting adds a different appealing and interesting factor to the picture. I have never been on the Pacific Ocean but one day I hope to and I will be looking forward to the day. Ansel Adams accomplished taking an incredible photo and this now sells for a huge sum of money. He is a very famous photographer and managed to accomplish the rule of thirds in the photo.




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This photo caught my attention when I was researching interesting photography. This was shot and entered in the New York Times. The source describes how arson became a major problem in 1970s in New York. Fires began easily and the total number increased to 7 percent. I thought this image was interesting because this actually happened and I cannot imagine experiencing such a catastrophe. I thought the photographer did a great job gaining composure. The photo displays a black and white tint but the building seem to have a brickish-red color. There is a eye-catching contrast between the building’s texture, the misty air, reflection on the road, and the remains after the damage. Everything seems to be in focus in this photo and there is a long depth of field. The aperture was larger-numbered given that you can see all the subject material is in focus. I like this picture and all its high detail and that you can see way back into the city range with its long depth of field.


This photo is of a downtown scene in the Bronx. The image was taken and is now stored in the National Archives and Records Administration. This displays the hardship after burns and fires and suffered as a result. This group of people are playing cards in a downtown cafe. There is a lot of texture pictured here and one can easily identify the unique composure this photo contains. The photographer managed to capture a very well contrasted image and he accomplished the rule of thirds. I like that the picture features the real life scene of what it was life to live in the Bronx during these tough times. These folks seem to be making the most of what they have and aren’t dwelling too much about the conditions they’re in. The photographer must’ve shot in a high numbered aperture due to the high level of focus across the entire image. This very cool and although I have never been to New York, I get a sense for what it was like during those times but cannot identify with all they experienced. . I am planning on going to NY this summer and it will be cool to see the difference in how much the city has changed since those times.

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